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Keystone's Sportsmen Club
Keystone's Sportsmen Club

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Regular Meetings for 2024

Jan 8     Feb 5      Mar 4      Apr 1    May 6     June 3

July 1  Aug 5   Sept 9    Oct 7    Nov 4    Dec 2

meetings start @ 8:00 pm


The Jr club meets first Monday @ 7 PM ..... . Any child between 8 yrs thru 18 yrs interested should attend this meeting. For more info contact Bonnie Brewer @ 724-465-2427


Keystone’s Sportsman Club


            Presents “22 L.R.S”

    .22 long rifle, Long range Silhouette! The shooter will be presented with 10 steel targets in banks of 5, at four distances. Each target must be knocked over to score a hit. A match will consist of 40 shots fired for record score. Each competitor will shoot 10 shots at each distance. The match winner will be the competitor who knocks over the greatest number of target of the combine distances. Targets will consist of 3 NRA 3/8 scale targets and 2 NRA 1\5 scale targets. We will be starting with four different classes; Iron sight, Sporter, Open and Youth class. Shooter may shoot from his or her choice of position, with the exception of the 50 yard chickens. They are to be shot offhand or with the aid of a shooting stick that we provide. If choosing to shoot from the bench, it is required that you use the rest we provide.  A simple bipod like i.e.”Harris” will be permitted. The buttstock will be only supported with the shooters hand and shoulder in any and all positions.

Targets to be engaged:

Chickens at 50 yards (offhand or with the use of a monopole that we provide)

Pigs at 100 yards

Turkeys at 150 yards

Rams at 200 yards

Iron Sight Class- any rifle with non-magnification sights or peep sights.

Sporter Class- any sporting style rifle that weighs less than 10 pounds and has a scope magnification of 12 power or less.

Open Class- rifle weight not to exceed 15lbs. Scope magnification 13 power and greater.

Youth- Any child under the age of 16.

The shooter may have a spotter or coach to assist during competition. (Much needed!



       We have some exciting new changes that we think everyone will like. First off we are adopting the NRA Classification system. This will give you a personal challenge and goals to set against yourself. This is how it works...Your first shoot of the year you will be unclassified.  Ounce you finish the shoot and get your score you will then be placed into a class. 
Here are the classes:
Class:      B             A              AA                 AAA               Master
Score:   0-14        15-21        22-28               29-34             35-40
For example...say I scored 24 on my first shoot of the year; I would then be classified as a AA Shooter. Ounce you are classified you can move up to the next class by shooting in a higher class twice in one year.
For example...I'm a AA Shooter and manage to shoot a 29 and a 31, now I'm reclassified to a AAA shooter. Another example is I'm a AA shooter and i score 29 witch is AAA and a score of 36 witch is a Masterscore, I will move up to AAA. However...if I shot two master scores I will move from AA straight to Masterclassification. 
You can be moved down a class if you score lower than your class three times in a row.  Hopefully this makes sense. If not ask and ill try to explain better. On your first shoot you will be charged an extra $2 for a score classification book. This book will be yours and we will fill in your scores for keeping track of your classifications. We are hoping that other clubs and or gun shops like REC Guns will pick these shoots up so that we can recognize each others scores and give everyone more of a chances to move up. 
The next change is that we will have two full rows of targets. Targets will also be set up at 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards.  
So when you sit down to shoot, you will shoot all 10 targets before switching with your partner. Only thing is we will still be stopping you after your first five targets with the same four minutes. Then giving you the same 3 minutes for last five targets. We will also be giving a 10 or 15 sec. "Ready" command before the fire command. 
Youth classes will be the same, but we broke the kids into age groups:
Kids age 9 and under- Youth 1= Shoot chickens from bench.
Kids 10-12 is Youth 2= allowed to shoot Chickens using mono pole
Kids 13-16 is youth 3= Shoot chickens offhand only (unless medical issue or physical impairment)
Also adults are now required to shoot chickens offhand (unless medical issue or physical impairment)
No slings, butthooks, palm rest are permitted for offhand shoot aid.
5 and 10 pins will be awarded the same as before.
There will be a match winner pin awarded to the overall match winner adult and youth winner.
The class winners will be recognized only.
Our Match dates are:
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 22                                                                                                                              October 13

Suggested equipment;

Spotting Scope/Binoculars

Shooting matt if shooting prone

Log book

Spotting board

PPE (personal protective equipment)


With everyone’s help and support, we can have a lot fun!!!!

We will have Jr. Clubs .22 cricket and Ruger American .22 for any kid that wants to shoot. Also Jr club

will provide ammo for kids to use. Jr club .22 and ammo received thru grant

from the NRA.


$8.00 entry fee per person. Sign in and shoot any time from 10am to 4pm.


Match directors;

Barry Bose                          Shaun Letham       

 724-422-1197         724-762-2353  

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