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Keystone's Sportsmen Club
Keystone's Sportsmen Club

Club Bylaws

In our club bylaws, you'll find out everything important about our club. Here is the place to find out about the reasons and purpose of our community.


Constitution and By-Laws


Article 1


Section 1.


Name: The name of this organization shall be KEYSTONE SPORTSMAN'S CLUB, INC. Atwood, PA



Section 2.


Object: To band together the true sportsmen for the better protection of the fish and game within our bounds and to cooperate with the proper authorities for a more strict observance of the fish, game forestry, and trespass laws.


Section 3.


Fees: The fees for membership shall be $30 per year, payable at the first annual meeting of the association. Fees for lifetime membership are $400. With the purchase of a lifetime membership, a monogrammed jacket will be given. Junior Membership (ages 12-18) shall be $5.


Article II


Section 1.


Officers: The officers of this association shall be elected at the first monthly meeting in February of each year.


The president shall appoint a nominating committee of 3 at the December meeting of each year, to nominate officers for the February meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the regular electing meeting in February.


Section 2.


Officers elect: The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, 3 trustees, and 6 board of directors.


Article III


Section 1.


President: The President shall preside over all meetings, preserve order and enforce the constitution and by-laws. The President shall decide all questions of order to appeal to the association. The President shall not vote except by ballot but shall the deciding vote in case of a tie.


Section 2.


Vice-President: The Vice President shall assist the president in the discharge of his official duties and fill his place in his absence.


Section 3.


Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect all money due the organization and deposit the funds in Elderton State State Bank, Elderton, PA. Treasurer shall Pay all bills approved by the body at the regular monthly meeting, have all checks over the amount of $500 countersigned by the President, and shall keep the books in such an order that may be made at the request of the body at any time, and the treasurer shall be bonded for $5000 from a reliable bonding company.


Section 4.


Secretary: The Secretary keeps and reads the minutes, files copies of the committee reports, and handles correspondence.


Section 5.


Sergeant of Arms: Sgt. Of Arms maintains order at the meetings and

advises President on proper procedures.



Section 6.


Trustees: Trustees shall manage, invest, and control money, property and effects of the club under the direction of the club. Trustees are to be elected for a 3 year term with 1 trustee being elected each year.


Section 7.


Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall meet regularly and discuss major issues which are to be decided on at the regular club meeting. All ideas or plans brought by the directors must be voted on by the club membership.


Article IV


Section 1.


Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held on the first Monday of the each month unless authorized by the association.


Section 2.


Special meetings: Special meetings shall be called by the president when they sees necessary or shall be called at the written request of 7 members in good standing and, in the absence of the president the meeting shall be called by the vice president or secretary.


Section 3.


Membership: Any citizen native born or naturalized, male or female, over the age of 12 years, shall be eligible for membership. Non-members possessing the above requisites etc., upon stating their desire to become a member, providing everything is satisfactory after information has been received may do so. Non-members shall not be allowed to enter into any decision on any matters pertaining to the association nor shall they discuss any matter in a regular meeting unless they speak through a regular member and then invited the presiding officer to address the meeting. Members of all sportsmen s organizations or organizations interested in conservation, propagation and protection of game and fish are welcome to attend meetings and address the organization if they so desire.


Article V


Section 1.


Amendments to the by-laws may be made by two-thirds(2/3) vote of the members present at any regular meeting.


Section 2.


Absence without cause of an officer four (4) consecutive meetings shall declare his office vacant. At any time an officer can be impeached for not performing his duties properly by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the body and an election for the new officer shall be conducted.


Section 3.


A quorum must consist of at least ten (10) members of the club and no business may be conducted without a quorum.


Section 4.


Under no circumstances shall any member hold 2 offices.


Section 5.


Any member committing any unsportsmanlike act or being convicted of any major crime is liable to lose their membership, by a majority vote by members present


Membership fees

The dues are

$30 a year

$400 for life (which includes a jacket)

Jr membership is $5 (for kids 12 to 18 years old)


MEMBERSHIP INFO call/text Vicki Kilgore at 724-840-4444

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